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Talks door Georges van Vrekhem in Auroville:

 "What did Arjuna see: The Dark Side of the Force" which he delivered in the Conference Room of the Town Hall on 07.10.2010.

“God Without – God Within”, 05.01.2010, SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas;

“Adam Kadmon and the Evolution”, 26.09.2010, Conference Room Town Hall;

“Preparing for the Miraculous”, 03.10.2010, Conference Room, Town Hall;

“2012 and 1956”, 13.11.2010, Savitri Bhavan;

“Bridges across the Afterlife”, 18.11.2010, Savitri Bhavan;

“Aswapati and Sri Aurobindo”, 17.03.2012, Savitri Bhavan.